The beginning of summer is always unpredictable.  cool one day, hot and steamy the next, the occassional seriously scary thunderstorm.  Good news is that when it rains you can take heart in knowing it's filling your rain barrel even if it may be ruining the picnic you planned.  Mostly I feel the weather has been just fine to walk around town and see all the beautiful rain barrels on display for the La Grange Summer Art Project.  GSC provided all the rain barrels and has been helping manage the entire summer-long project.  The project benefits a great cause and generates a lot of awareness for conservation of our planet.  Recently we had a fantastic Live Recycled Art Demonstration from Jason Mack of Mack Glass.  He installed a sculpture called "Garden of Glass" using all recycled materials and glass.   It will be up all summer near the fountain at La Grange hall.  Go see how beautiful it is on your next trip into town!  Enjoy your summer!
Almost all the rain barrels have been painted for the La Grange summer art project "rainbarrels summer 2010".  This season long event features painted rain barrels (supplied by GSC) that are sponsored by local businesses and organizations.  The program culminates in an auction in September for Pets and Pals Charities Ltd.  The barrels look great!   They will be on display very soon.  Watch for Green Scene Chicago's very own barrel!
The first batch of completed barrels
If you water your grass and trees more heavily, but less
often, this saves water and builds stronger roots.
We're very excited for the upcoming event from the La Grange Business athe La Grange summer art project.  Our barrels will be painted by various artists throughout town and auctioned off for charity in September, 2010.  Stay tuned for more information.  A website will be available soon for all the information you'll need about the summer long program which will be kick-off on Earth Day, April 22.
Ah, a new and fresh website.  We can feel spring around the corner even though there is a ton of snow outside.  We have some exciting things happening this year, but can't tell you yet.  It's a surprise!  Stay tuned and come back on Earth Day, April 22nd, when we announce the exciting events coming for the summer of 2010!