Harvesting Rain Water is a Smart Idea!

It's as easy as 1-2-3
with rain barrels from

A rain barrel is a water tank system which is used to collect and store rainwater from your roof simply by placing it beneath your gutter downspout.  Rain barrels can collect water for many uses such as watering the garden or washing your car.  It's a simple way to save money and maintain a healthy planet!

Why choose our rain barrels? 
Our barrels are made from reused food grade barrels.  Yes, there are pricier and fancier barrels available at stores that typically use more resources to manufacture and ship.  It's important not only to recycle but to reduce and reuse.  Our barrels help you to conserve water and reuse available materials.   
Our barrels are sturdy and reliable.
We use a mesh screen lid to prevent debris in the barrel and keep out mosquitoes and other insects.
Our barrels are local.  Purchasing locally help ecourage the economic growth of your community.

Did you know?  Just one inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square-foot roof will yield
623 gallons of water!

Water conservation using rain barrels helps by:
- Lowering water bills
- Providing Chlorine-free water to maintain a healthy biotic level in soil.  Also has no flouride,
calcium or lime deposits.
- Keeping our creeks and beaches clean
- Reducing the amount of water flowing to the sewer treatment facility
- Creating a back-up supply of water during drought
- Providing an educational tool for teaching children and residents about water conservation.

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Rain Barrel - $70

Our rain barrels are made from re-used 55-gallon food-grade barrels with no-kink spigots,  overflow valves, and a mesh screened lid to keep debris and insects out. 

This price is for a plain, unpainted rain barrel. 
These are available in black and terra cotta.

(blue shown in picture is not available).

Barrel can be painted for an additional $20 in your color choice or primer only (total cost $90).

Barrels are available for pick-up from La Grange or Chicago River West.
Delivery is available for an additional fee.
Please contact us regarding delivery charges for your specific area.