Solar Rain Pumps

Green Scene Chicago is proud to offer solar units from Garden Green EcoSolutions, LLC. 

Garden Green EcoSolutions provides a variety of Solar Rain Pump models that offer a practical, convenient or eco-friendly way to efficiently use stored water in your rain barrel. These Solar Rain Pumps are easy to use, and when coupled with a low volume emitter system you conserve the rainwater by applying it with pin point accuracy. This is truly a sustainable solution!

The patent pending Solar Rain Pump system makes the bottom spigot on a rain barrel obsolete. Garden Green EcoSolutions utilizes a "wand" that can easily be retrofitted to your existing rain barrel. The wand is mounted on the top of the rain barrel, where there is a quick connect fitting that mates with the Solar Rain Pump. The wand then extends down to the bottom of the rain barrel, where rainwater is automatically drawn up to the Solar Rain Pump and pumped out to meet your irrigation needs. Because the bottom spigot is obsolete technology, the rain barrel can be buried in the ground.

The Solar Rain Pump is powered with a 12 volt battery, providing hours of pumping time on a charged battery. Because there are no dangerous power cords to deal with, the Solar Rain Pump can easily and safely be moved to multiple rain barrel locations. One Solar Rain Pump can meet the irrigation needs of many rain barrel locations.

Garden Green EcoSolutions offers a wide range of products to suit your needs. The Solar Rain Pump is a portable pumping unit designed to easily connect to a rain barrel and pump the rain water to a drip emitter system or a simple garden hose. Solar Rain Pumps come with a standard size pump (upgrades available), a standard size battery (upgrades available), and a method for activating the pumps (options below).

You can find more information on our FAQ page or visit Garden Green EcoSolutions at

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